Did I mention we are hiring?

So I’m sitting here at work late at night working on some of Mix content and announcements for next week (April 30th), and my thoughts keep coming back to “we need more people working on this stuff”. Well, the irony is that we actually have a over 30 open positions for marketing, product management, evangelism, business development, etc. roles related to our tools and platform… we’re just having a really hard time finding the right people.

So in addition to talking to my friends in the industry and having positions posted on Linkedin and other community job boards, I guess it’s high time I blog about it! We’re hiring!!

So, if you have a passion for the technology space (tools and APIs for graphical GUI and interactive UI, web media, RIA, standards based websites…) and if you are interested in Silverlight, WPF, ASP.NET, Expression, or Visual Studio product management, product marketing, evangelism, technical advocacy, or any other role that you think might apply (in many locations worldwide, US and international, but especially in lovely Redmond Washington ) give us a shout! You can email me directly at forest dot key at Microsoft dot com (email obfuscated to avoid spam).

One thought on “Did I mention we are hiring?

  1. I can relate to all of what you say, starting with sitting here working late at night…. going thru all the blogs of the Expression team members
    thanks for your blog, which has more than the average amount of info….

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