Rants & Raves

Chicken Feet Eating Kids, from Tokyo Airport

So i’m over in tokyo for a quick visit and had a blast checking out all the Silverlight video stuff that is going on in this market; we have some amazing partners going live in the coming weeks/months.  Here at the airport killing time i thought I would try to post some Silverlight video of my kids eating Chicken Feet and Chicken Head at a tasty roadside restaurant in Beijing last week.  I was blown away at how easy it is with Expression Encoder.  I used a template that is good for blogs (has a huge PLAY button in the middle of the video on load of the page), and an add-in for Windows Live Writer created by james clark which makes brain-dead simple to instantiate a Silverlight application off of the Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live service.  With this free service you get 4gigs of free app hosting, that can be video or it could be a full app/RIA… the hosting is off of our microsoft CDN backbone, so the performance even here in tokyo is super slick.

Pretty sweet mr. james clark.. check out his blog for more on this magic.

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