Rants & Raves

Taipei and National Museum

Had a great day in Taipei, Taiwan’s capital.  Arrived to a lovely lunch looking out from the restaurant in a famous landmark hotel that was built and managed by Mrs. Chang Kai Shek herself (the founder of the modern republic’s wife, who led the Nationalist party in China that fled to Formosa to form Taiwan when they lost the civil war to the communists/Mao in China).  The hotel itself was a trip, had an awesome bright red exterior and interior, with traditional chinese looking architecture and decorations.  Very picturesque.  From the restaurant we could see the entire city, which is marked by the Taipei 101 skyscrapper, the tallest building in the world–the weird thing is that it is like 7 times taller than the next tallest building anywhere near it, so you look out over this vast city and see relatively level buildings, and then there is this *m*a*s*s*i*v*e* tower that looks like a big shoot of bamboo shooting up into the stratosphere.  Not what I expected.  Pretty cool, didn’t have time to scale it yet, but next visit will be sure to do. 

We then went over to the National Museum, which is where the national treasures of China are located, since the Nationalists took them with them as they fled Beijing with the communists on their heels.  The treasures were amazing, and we got to see all manner of porcelain (china), jewels, jade, paintings, scrolls, etc.  We got a tour by one of the directors of the museum, with whom we met to discuss some business.  Really neat little excursion, left me wanting for more time here to get to know my colleagues and the city better.  Didn’t have my camera on me so got neigh a shot!

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