Rants & Raves

In Case You Didn’t Know

What do people here think of George Bush? Nobody cares. They are not following the election either. China’s got their own stuff going on.

There are a LOT of barber shops in Beijing, but some people go to the guy who’s got a chair set up in the public park.

Taro ice cream is DELICIOUS.

A head and shoulder massage at a spa may include ear wax removal using candles, and it’s very soothing.

Many many blog sites are blocked in China, including Wikipedia. I can’t even see our own blog unless we use Forest’s MS corporate laptop which gets through firewalls.

The olympics are a VERY VERY VERY big deal here.

We pay for our utilities using a pre-paid debit card that goes into the meter.

Some public bathrooms have squat toilets, with the hole in the ground. Some of those have automatic flush, so it’s not like it’s an old fashioned thing.

Chinese people are totally sassy, and when they tell each other off, I love them even more.

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