Rants & Raves

The Difference Between Boys & Girls

I picked up Caetano the other day from school and while I was waiting for his class to come out i was perusing the picturesimage and stories on the wall.  There was a recent project where the kids had made these cute clay drawings that they they painted, and they each told a short story about their creation that the teachers wrote up and placed next to the work with a picture.  The contrast between the boy and girl stories was striking.  See if you can guess which of these stories was written by girls (2 of them) and which was Caetano’s.

Story #1

My picture is a Pegasus pony playing in the grass.  It is eating grass.  She is paying with her friends.  Her mummy says she needs to eat dinner and she ate all her dinner and then she had a sleep-over.  She had lunch there and dinner there and breakfast there and she payer with her friend.  They played hide and seek outside.

Story #2

This is me sitting in my chair outside having a rest.  And I saw two suns and I saw three flowers.  And I saw a pink flower and an orange flower and a red flower and a blue sky and also green grass with my name.

Story #3

It is going to steal the treasure from Treasure Island.  But there is an octopus in the water comes and grabs the ship.  He cuts off his arm and then they steal the treasure.  Then a shark and alligator comes back and then they chop off the alligator’s mouth.  Then they come and kill the shark and then on the way back a flying saucer comes and then it drops a bomb.  And then it moves out of the way and explodes another shark.  Then they go to the island and they look around for an angler fish.  Then the angler fish comes out of the water and suddenly and then they panic.  They go back to the shore.

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