Rants & Raves

Great Wall Rocks

I think I could go to the great wall 100 times and not be bored with the experience.  This last visit was back to Mutianyu locale, show_imageCAD7SYYM where we went with brother Roberto last month, this time with friend Adam Brownstein in tow who was visiting on a business trip.  Adam and Caetano and I went for the long uphill treck this time, while cristina and carlos hung out in the golden fall sunshine on a clear day.  Caetano is a real trooper, was game for the physical exertion–until we got to the 80 degree vertical 250+ steps that led up to the end of the restored section.  I carried him on my back  like a compact rumpsack, was a great workout for my calves/legs, and when we reached the top we had glorious views of the valley below.  It’s just a crazy thing to see, as if someone had built a massive wall up to the top of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, and then kept building it all the way to New York!  It isn’t all restored of course, and parts of it are a mere shambles/trace in the ground, but seeing the sections near beijing in all of their crazy glory is a real treat, and a great nature outing from the capital.  Cristina and I joked when we moved to Beijing (as opposed to Shanghai) that we’d always have the benefit of the great wall to show our guests when they come to visit–we look forward to sharing it with many more of you as you make your planned and unplanned visits to us in the coming years!


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