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Chilequake Day 3

We’ve been without water and electricity the last few days.  As there is no electricity in our general part of the city (the north) there is also no gas at the stations (no pumps), so we’ve been mostly home bound.  At the house we have the swimming pool water to use for flushing the toilets and for washing dishes, so we’ve been relatively well off.  We bbqed the defrosting meet from the freezer so it wouldn’t go bad, and we have plenty of fruits and vegetables.  We were down to our last bottle of drinkable water, but on a excursion to the ‘hood we found a store open and were able to re-supply with plenty of water.  We’ do have gas for the stove, so we’ve been able to eat well.  We have candles for the evening but basically have been going to bed with the sun.  The moon has been full these last few days, which has made the nights calming.

The aftershocks are very frequent, surely we must have had 50 or more by now… they come with such frequency that sometimes we don’t even bother to mention them.  They are thankfully all smaller and decreasing further in intensity each time they appear.  Sunday morning there was a aftershock that was pretty long, and we jocked that “in a normal climate, that would have been a big one”… we later heard that it was a 6.0 and was nearby in Valparaiso, indeed, a big one by normal standards but for us that is now a baby-quake!

Our immediate family and friends all seem to be fine—we don’t have good phone access as our cell phones are dead.  Today i’m at a relative’s in Santiago so that I can call family in a few hours (when pacific coast wakes up), and reports are that by and large folks are ok, even our cousin and her 6 children from Curico, which is very very close to the epicenter.  Their town (Curico) got pretty flattened, but their house and the houses of their friends and colleagues from the farm were thankfully all ok.

Unfortunately some of our extended family were touched by this tragedy in the worst way possible–a cousin lost two young children to a tsunami wave, they were very close to the epicenter vacationing.  We will try to go to the mass this weekend with other family members.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles.

Thank you to everyone that has emailed us with concern and well wishes—it has been very comforting to receive your notes.  Chile is generally well prepared for earthquakes because they are so common here, but even with great construction codes the devastation is palpable, even though I have seen almost nothing on the television or web (as we have been without electricity), so at this point you all know more than we do.

Forest, Cristina, the boys, and Tata Emilio who is with us.

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Good to hear you are OK. I assume you have a tankless water heater, but if you don’t there is 30-40 gallons of drinkable water inside that.

PS Happy Birthday Forest!

HI GUY-O”S!! We are praying everyday for you and thinking of you every minute…so so sorry to hear about the loss suffered by your fam. We didnt know how to reach you, and to beat the band, OUR internet was down! just got it back up today…tried to send a skype im, didnt know if u got it or not..Esther still in VTA. Going back on 3/2 (tomorrow). getting the news of the devastation. everyone talking about it being the biggest ever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOREST!! We are with you all in spirit and please kiss the boys for us… so grateful that you are all together..LOVES TO ALL!!

OH, btw…the DAY of the earthquake, around noon, we were outsde after taking a walk to the beach talking to Jimmy my neighbor…he mentioned how low the tide was and he couldn’t get over how low the tide was, he had never seen it that far out before… and mom said, maybe theres going to be a tsunami…i chided her and said oh, dont say that… (!)

Cristina & Forest- I am thinking of you & your boys everyday. What an ordeal to go through so soon after you arrived! I had no idea Chile was earthquake counry (even more so than here in So.Ca.) So fortunate that you have that pool. I was awed by the pictures I’ve seen. I can see why the 6.0 aftershock would seem moderate or smallish now! Take care…love, Cindi

thank heavens you and the family are all well. Having experienced this on a far smaller scale I can only imagine the fear and uncertainty.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and I hope things return to normal pretty soon, and that you guys are going to be OK for resources…
take care mate
all the best
Graham and the root6 guys…

I’ve been reading your updates. Sending lots of love and prayers to you, your family and all of the people in Chile. So thankful that you, Cristina and the boys are okay.

The news here is full of the devastation and human cost. So glad you, Christina and the boys are safe; praying for those you have lost.
Victoria, James and the children xx

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