Rants & Raves

Going North

Since I left my hometown for college, I’ve moved about 16 times, each time farther away from my Southern California roots.

Now, for the first time, I’m moving back to a place that I once considered home. It feels good. Comforting and familiar in the best way.

Haven’t heard the news? We are packing it up in Chile to live in our Seattle home again, just in time for summer. We haven’t suffered an actual winter since early ’09!

Forest’s mother Jane has kept the hearth warm while we’ve been gone. I’m going to enroll the boys in our neighborhood school for the first time. We have a lot to look forward to.

Why are we moving? Well, there are many reasons. But the main one is that we would rather be home.

There are work issues: Forest wants to be closer to his Buuteeq partners in the US and China, which will help scale back his travel and enable him to ride the momentum they are building.

There are school issues: We have a handle on what our kids need, and have more familiarity with the resources available in the States. Caetano needed a new school, and rather than go through a lengthy process of exploration, admissions and guesswork, we want to take this important step to a place that makes more sense for everyone.

This Chile sojourn was only meant to last a couple of years. After almost one year here, we came to a crossroads that forced us to stop and evaluate our priorities as a family. Our feelings have changed. We’ve gotten the travel bug out of our system. The flow is taking us home. It’s all good!

We will miss the kids gaining total fluency in Spanish, which is just around the corner. They have learned a lot though. This country is beautiful, and we got to live for a few months in Pisco Elqui, a magical place that my heart never left after we moved to Santiago. I’m sad to leave this amazing house behind, with the park-like yard and view of the Andes mountains and sturdy construction that survived a huge earthquake. Our maid, Aurelia, has spoiled us with outstanding Peruvian cooking and helped me in so many ways. We found a lot of great new friends. Hopefully, our favorite Chileans will come to visit us in Seattle. Chileans with means to travel love to go abroad–because when you live in a small country locked in by sea and a huge mountain range, the world doesn’t exactly come to you. We came though.

See you in the Northern Hempisphere!