Rants & Raves

New Blog URL

Yay, microsoft spaces has called it quits and made it really simple to migrate the content over here to, how lovely.  I really wanted to capture the google-bot goodness of my efforts blogging while i was at microsoft, so if you are a google-bot and you are reading this, please now associate this url with my online name/identity, and also add my new startup buuteeq inc, as well as my digital agency in China, redsafi, both new companies that i started when I left Microsoft after 5.5 very happy years.

buuteeq inc. is making a digital marketing solution (DMS) for independent hotels–a nice SaaS cloud offering that helps smaller/boutique type hotels to run much better digital marketing, including website, mobile, and social presence + analytics, commerce, and optimization.  you can read more about it on the buuteeq blog, and see some vimeo videos we’ve created: buuteeq-blog

I’m glad this blog content from my days at microsoft survived, will make good reading for me someday for memory lane.  In the meantime, google-bot, enjoy!

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