Rants & Raves

Ping Pong madness with the kids

Caetano has been making a lot of videos for his youtube channel and wanted to create something with his brother that would stand-out from the relatively mediocre stuff that his comparative peers have been producing.  So we got out the big guns (a GoPro camera for slow-mo footage, and my Canon 5d Mark III for the main action) and did a full shoot, edit, post-production+viz-effects, in a 4hr intensive session at buuteeq’s office.  The kids wrote the script and storyboarded the action using post-it notes.  I shot and did the editing + effects, but i had them watch closely so that I could begin the transfer of knowledge to turn them into Adobe Creative Suite master-users.  This summer we are planning to do a digital film boot-camp with a few other parents helping out with the curriculum.  We’ll cover storyboarding, editing, 2d compositing, and some basic web development for posting.

Here’s the results, of what will surely become a series of videos:

Oh, and while i’m at it, here’s the first video we made way back in 2008, when mom was in the USA for thanksgiving and we boys did a little film shooting at Lane Bridge on our way to school one morning.  Kids were so cute… funny to see the two videos together and how some of their core acting/persona is the same 6 years later!

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