CEO Forest Key On buuteeq Joining The Priceline Group

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the blog of the hospitality digital marketing company, buuteeq, prior to its acquisition by in June 2014.  The opinions expressed here are specific to buuteeq, though many of the technology insights remain relevant to customers and admirers of our new business, BookingSuite, a unit of Visit for our latest thought leadership in the hospitality digital marketing space.

Things are about to get a lot more awesome. fkey_orange Med_2

On June 10, buuteeq joined forces with The Priceline Group, one of the world’s leading Internet companies and the global leader in online accommodations.

This new strategic direction now vaults us into the best possible position for transforming the digital marketing experience for hotels worldwide.

The Priceline Group currently works with over 480,000 accommodations partners globally and is rapidly expanding the suite of products and services they offer to these hotel and accommodations partners.

With The Priceline Group’s global reach and buuteeq’s best-in-class hotel marketing platform, we’re uniquely poised to help many more properties perform their absolute best digitally.

I want to personally thank our customers who have believed in us and accompanied us on our journey leading up to this point. We remain devoted to our commitments to you.

Everything you love about buuteeq will either stay the same, or increase in awesomeness tenfold.

We will continue to be an independently managed brand building our product and services the way only buuteeq can.

The only thing that changes is our rate of innovation and ability to hire the sharpest minds in our field to provide you with the best-in-class hotel marketing platform available on the planet.

You can count on:

  •  The same service, prices, and support
  •  The same team and founders in place
  •  The same buuteeq customer promise
  •  The same data privacy.
  •  The same rights to your website and assets (your content is YOURS)

This is an exciting time and an immensely important milestone in buuteeq’s history!

We celebrated on June 10, as you can see here in our montage of photo booth pics, but were back to getting stuff done the next morning just as we’ve always done and will continue to do—just more awesomely.



Photo booth montage from June 10th celebration.
Photo booth montage from June 10th celebration.
Back to getting stuff done bright and early on June 11th!
Back to getting stuff done bright and early on June 11th!

2 replies on “CEO Forest Key On buuteeq Joining The Priceline Group”

Same service?? You host our website It is DOWN; there is no 24/7 contact/service number anhywhere that we can find. This is unacceptable. Our email comes through our domain and your hosting is not working!!! Sunday, 4/12 from 3am DST forward. What are your clients supposed to do when the site crashes and the host is unobtainable. This is what $300/month buys?

Hi Janice, i’m so sorry you suffered frustration in reaching us–you caught me out of the country on spring break with my son but upon seeing your post here and your tweet i was in touch immediately with our team and I know they have since been in touch. i just got back to the USA and will be reaching out to you this week to check in. We do offer 24/7 support, something that is all the more possible for us as part of a global organization with offices around the world–we now have teams in Asia, Europe, and the USA so we literally are “around the world/at the office” at all times of day. Given your challenge reaching us (which we take as a big failure on our part!) we reviewed our phone help routing options and have identified many ways we can improve the visibility as to which buttons to hit/etc. to reach us. You can always open a help-ticket online as well which we will respond to immediately including on weekends (when matter is urgent, as it was in this case). In this particular case GoDaddy made some changes to their system that led to DNS outage and you and some of our other clients’ sites were un-reachable for a period on Sunday as a result. We’ve sent a detailed email to all properties that were affected and put in place new processes so this particular situation can’t repeat itself. Again, my sincere apology–i know you felt let down by us and I hope our subsequent follow up, resolution, and commitment to be better in the future will demonstrate our commitment and we can regain your full trust and partnership. Sincerely, forest

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