2011 Trotamundo Trips from buuteeq-ers

buuteeq just completed our first year with commercial service and it was really a great 2011.  The company and product are continuing to evolve rapidly, and there are lots of new faces on the team.  One of the unique benefits of working at buuteeq is an employee travel benefit we created called Trotamundo, which encourages all team members to visit hotels and see the world on the company’s dime.  The idea is that we all need time out in the wild interacting with hotels–where they will engage with hotel management to learn more about operations and distribution challenges and where we each can formulate opportunities for buuteeq to further add value in the hospitality industry.  Upon return from their trip, buuteeq-ers have to write up their findings, both for our blog and in presentations internally to the rest of the team.  Here are some example Trotamundo trip reports from last year (on buuteeq’s blog):

Dean’s Trip to Maui

Our sales veteran sales exec (first to join in North America) Dean escaped to Hawaii. He stayed at Ho’oilo House b&b who’s owners he had previously met online in the PAII forums. He signed them up for our free Facebook app, and they graciously invited him over to enjoy their hospitality. Instead of crowded beaches, Dean opted to visit more private, spacious areas so he could better absorb Maui’s breathtaking scenery.

Dennis’ Trip to Napa Valley

Dennis, our CTO, traveled to Napa valley where he explored the amazing vineyards of warm and sunny California. He stayed at the Napa River Inn, which is one of our free Starter clients that enjoys our Facebook app. A highlight of his trip was taking his kids to Safari West, a wildlife reserve in Sonoma. He got to see over 400 animals roaming free. Some of them were so bold they came right up to the car, which scared his kids a bit.

Leo’s Trip to San Pedro de Atacama

Leo, another one of our sales rock-stars, took his Trotamundo in san Pedro de Atacama to enjoy some peace, quiet, sun and breathtaking scenery. One of the highlights of his trip was eating pizza and drinking pisco sour at the Geysers of Tatio, a natural wonder of Chile. While there he stayed at Don Raul, which became one of our paid customers and currently enjoys our digital marketing.

buuteeq’s blog has dozens of these type of travel-logues and other updates about buuteeq, as does our About page which enumerates other benefits at our unique, pro-travel (friendly) culture.