Zapallar in VR Project – Start

We just got back from a lovely spring break in Zapallar Chile visiting family.  We took a Omni VR Camera Rig with us and spent a day shooting the areas along the Zapallar-to-Cachagua coastal area and upon my return and review of the footage i’m really excited by how it looks.  I’ve got my 15 year old cineast son working on building a ~5m piece for VR which we’ll master at 8k+ using Pixvana’s software.

still 2

For now i wanted to post a few photos and production stills:

Just getting going with the equarectangular 4k elements… really exciting project.

still 1

Here’s a rough play-out of all shots:

And here’s an extremely rough, early version of the footage.  Carlos will be doing a proper edit, sound design, effects, titles, giving it narrative cohesion, etc.  Then we’ll master at full 8k and publish with Pixvana’s SPIN Studio.  But here’s a preview of work in progress:

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