We shipped Pixvana SPIN Studio!

These people (including some that aren’t pictured): Just shipped our first baby, Pixvana SPIN Studio: Pixvana SPIN Studio is an amazing new tool for storytelling with video for Augmented and Virtual Reality.  The suite has a lot of components still to come, but our MVP is something we are super proud and excited by–it provides workflow support for optimizing and publishing high quality VR videos to both our SPIN Play SDK and SPIN Play.  Login to Pixvana SPIN Studio here. Our SPIN Play SDK is in the hands of our partners who are building their own branded players, the first … Continue reading We shipped Pixvana SPIN Studio!

CEO Forest Key On buuteeq Joining The Priceline Group

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the blog of the hospitality digital marketing company, buuteeq, prior to its acquisition by Booking.com in June 2014.  The opinions expressed here are specific to buuteeq, though many of the technology insights remain relevant to customers and admirers of our new business, BookingSuite, a unit of Booking.com. Visit suite.booking.com for our latest thought leadership in the hospitality digital marketing space. Things are about to get a lot more awesome.  On June 10, buuteeq joined forces with The Priceline Group, one of the world’s leading Internet companies and the global leader in online accommodations. This new strategic … Continue reading CEO Forest Key On buuteeq Joining The Priceline Group