Ping Pong madness with the kids

Caetano has been making a lot of videos for his youtube channel and wanted to create something with his brother that would stand-out from the relatively mediocre stuff that his comparative peers have been producing.  So we got out the big guns (a GoPro camera for slow-mo footage, and my Canon 5d Mark III for the main action) and did a full shoot, edit, post-production+viz-effects, in a 4hr intensive session at buuteeq’s office.  The kids wrote the script and storyboarded the action using post-it notes.  I shot and did the editing + effects, but i had them watch closely so … Continue reading Ping Pong madness with the kids

Spain, 20 years later

20 years ago I lived in Madrid for my junior year in college.  It was a lovely time of life.  I was very fortunate to make several new great friends while living in Spain, but i also brought with me several close friends from Palo Alto High School which coincidentally also ended up in Spain that same year (none attended UCLA with me, or had any coordination in planning their own year abroad to coincide with my choice of Spain/Madrid).  At one point a motley crew of us ended up attending a bull-fight (under the auspices of one of our … Continue reading Spain, 20 years later

Some new video with my 5d Mark ii

Yes, i know, the Canon 5d mark ii is not news (more than 3+ years old), and all you serious pros or enthusiasts with $3,500 USD to burn are now into the mark iii and its amazing low-light capabilities and improved whatever.  But for me, the 5d mark ii is the new thing, as the used market for these has brought the price down to the range of mere mortals like me (never mind that after I added the fine piece of 16-35mm 2.8 glass, the price was back up into the ridiculous range)… so, in celebration of my late … Continue reading Some new video with my 5d Mark ii

2011 Trotamundo Trips from buuteeq-ers

buuteeq just completed our first year with commercial service and it was really a great 2011.  The company and product are continuing to evolve rapidly, and there are lots of new faces on the team.  One of the unique benefits of working at buuteeq is an employee travel benefit we created called Trotamundo, which encourages all team members to visit hotels and see the world on the company’s dime.  The idea is that we all need time out in the wild interacting with hotels–where they will engage with hotel management to learn more about operations and distribution challenges and where we … Continue reading 2011 Trotamundo Trips from buuteeq-ers

Silverlight RIP : allegorical thoughts from 2004 strategy presentation

With the announcements this week at Microsoft’s Build event (which I only fleetingly caught news of via twitter reposts), and the apparent complete end/unwind of Silverlight… i was nostalgic for my time working on it and associated initiatives at micrsoft for 6 years; i had a recollection of having written a email to friends talking about the profound experience of presenting on the strategy to the sr. leadership, and thanks to google mail search, was able to uncover the email and thought i would share it here. To the 1000 or so fellow employees and additional 10s of thousands of … Continue reading Silverlight RIP : allegorical thoughts from 2004 strategy presentation

Finding a Vimeo replacement service to host my company videos

I just went through a very stressful experience that I thought I’d share for the benefit of others that will surely run into the same issues. I made the mistake of signing up for Vimeo and started using the service for my business’ marketing needs, and then was made aware after the fact by a friend that the Vimeo service is strictly for non-commercial purposes and that I was running the risk of being shut-off at any moment by the vimeo team. (they do indicate this on the sign up page, but it was below the fold so to speak, and … Continue reading Finding a Vimeo replacement service to host my company videos